12th World Congress on Railway Research
- Railway Research to Enhance the Customer Experience -

October 28 (Mon) to November 1 (Fri), 2019
Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan

Call for Papers

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION PROCESS (ended on August 31, 2018)

Abstract submissions for WCRR 2019 officially ended on August 31, 2018, and the on-line submission system has been closed. For your reference, the details of the Abstract submissions that were used until then can be accessed by clicking on the button below:



Full Papers must be submitted through the official WCRR 2019 website (http://wcrr2019.org) using the on-line congress management system of this website.
No other means of submission will be accepted.

Please download and use the Full Paper Template (Microsoft Word file format) by clicking on the link shown below on this page. After writing the Full Paper, you will need to convert the Full Paper Word file into a PDF file. Then click on the link shown below on this page to access the on-line Full Paper submission page in which you will fill in information related to the Full Paper and author/co-author information, and upload the Full Paper (both the original Word file AND the converted PDF file of the Full Paper) and the Paper Release Authorization Form (the converted PDF file of the signed Paper Release Authorization Form) on this on-line Full Paper submission page.

  • To download the Full Paper Template, click HERE
  • To download the Paper Release Authorization Form, click HERE
  • To submit your Full Paper and Paper Release Authorization Form, access the on-line Full Paper submission page by clicking HERE


Full Paper submission task flow:


There will be two types of presentations at WCRR 2019: Oral Presentations and Interactive Poster Presentations. For both types, the presenters must speak in presentations in front of an audience.
All selected papers will be treated as equally important in the presentation sessions and Congress Proceedings, differing only in the format of the presentation sessions (in other words, Oral Presentation papers will NOT be considered more important than Interactive Poster Presentation papers). Please refer to the characteristics of the two types of presentations as described below. Please note that the Congress organizers have made the final decision on the type of presentation to be assigned, which might not be able to accommodate your preference.

Oral Presentations

The presentation time for each presenter in Oral Sessions will be about 15 minutes, followed by about 5 minutes for questions and discussions.

Interactive Poster Presentations

Each Interactive Poster presenter will be required to make a short presentation of 3 to 4 minutes (minimum 3 minutes, maximum 4 minutes), then all the presenters will move to their respective posters for discussions.

Optional Demonstration Material for Interactive Poster Presentations

For Interactive Poster Presentations, as an option, if you wish, you can also bring demonstration material to help explain your work/research. The demonstration material, for example, can be a notebook computer, tablet device, experiment sample, or model/mock-up. The maximum size of the demonstration material should be within a width (length from left end to right end as viewed by the audience) of 700 mm, depth (length from front end to rear end as viewed by the audience) of 450 mm, height of 450 mm and weight of 20 kg. Please note in advance the articles prohibited from importation and exportation, by referring to the Japan Customs website (http://www.customs.go.jp/english/c-answer_e/customsanswer_e.htm).


If your Full Paper is accepted as a paper for presentation at WCRR 2019, you will be expected to submit a Full Paper and to attend the Congress to present it, regardless of whether it is an Oral or Interactive Poster Presentation. In other words, if your Full Paper is selected as an Interactive Poster Presentation, you will also be expected to submit a Full Paper and attend the conference to present your Poster in a session (with a talk considerably shorter than the Oral Presentations).

Presenters of papers must actually attend the Congress, and must speak on and present their papers in person, for Oral Presentations as well as Interactive Poster Presentations. To do this, the presenters must also register for the Congress by on-line registration. Failure of the presenter to register for, attend, and speak/present the paper in person at the Congress may result in the paper being excluded from being published in the Congress Proceedings.


  • All papers must be written in English.
  • Papers must be written using the Template (Microsoft Word file), that can be downloaded from this WCRR 2019 website page at the top of this “Full Paper Submission Process” section, and then also must be saved as a PDF file, and both Word and PDF files are to be submitted.
  • All papers shall include a title and a list of authors along with their affiliations, city and country. The name of the author to be presenting the paper at WCRR 2019 should be UNDERLINED.
  • Papers are to include an abstract and keywords, the main body, all references, tables, figures, etc.
  • All papers must have line spacing of 1.15, fully-justified, use a 10-point Arial font, and be formatted for A4 size paper (297 × 210 mm), as in the Template.
  • Pages should have left and right margins of 1 inch (2.54 cm); top and bottom margins of 1 inch (2.54 cm) , as in the Template.

Length and Size of Paper

  • The length of your paper should be 6 pages.
  • The length of the abstract should be 200-300 words.
  • The number of the keywords should be 3 to 5 words.
  • The size of your file CANNOT exceed 3 MB.

Full Paper review process by Session Chairpersons

Each Full Paper submitted will undergo a review process by the scheduled Chairperson of the Session, and the author or contact person of the paper will be contacted regarding any revisions and/or comments.

All Full Papers will be available in the Proceedings on a USB flash drive and Official App at WCRR 2019. If you have any queries regarding your paper submission please contact the PCO of WCRR 2019 (ISS, Inc.) by e-mail at: wcrr2019-paper@issjp.com


  • All authors must confirm their intention to submit a paper by February 28, 2019 by email to: wcrr2019-paper@issjp.com
  • The length and formatting guidelines will be strictly enforced.
  • Papers which do not meet these guidelines will not be included in the Proceedings.

Extent of content originality

Full Papers that have been submitted recently to other congresses will not be accepted. If you are submitting a paper on a subject that you have presented at previous WCRR congresses, then the paper must focus on the new developments since then.

Paper Release Authorization

At the time of submitting your Full Paper, you will be asked to also agree to a Paper Release Authorization statement to transfer publication and other rights to the Congress organizers. Details are described in the Paper Release Authorization Form that can be downloaded from this WCRR 2019 website page at the top of this “Full Paper Submission Process” section.

WCRR 2019 Congress Proceedings to be accessible on-line by SPARK

All Full Papers accepted for WCRR 2019 will become accessible by SPARK, the designated knowledge sharing portal for the Congress Proceedings.

SPARK is a free, interactive web tool for the rail industry. SPARK, provided by the RSSB, gives you access to a range of publications, provides information on research projects and initiatives and gives pointers to test facilities, centers of expertise, and data sources. Materials are uploaded in SPARK from a wide variety of sources to give you access to the combined wisdom of organizations from across the globe.

WCRR 2019 Full Paper Submission Timeline:

Deadline for submission of Full Papers to be provided for review by the scheduled Session Chairperson:
May 10, 2019
Deadline for submission of full and final paper (after all revisions are made based on the review of the Full Paper by the scheduled Session Chairperson):
August 31, 2019
For questions about Full Papers and presentations, please contact:
For other general questions about WCRR, please contact: