12th World Congress on Railway Research
- Railway Research to Enhance the Customer Experience -

October 28 (Mon) to November 1 (Fri), 2019
Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan

About WCRR

What is WCRR?

The World Congress on Railway Research (WCRR) is the world's largest international congress on railway research, founded by SNCF (France), DB AG (Germany), Trenitalia (Italy), RTRI (Japan), RSSB (UK), TTCI (USA) and UIC. WCRR was first held in 1994, hosted by SNCF, and the coming WCRR 2019 in Tokyo will be the 12th Congress. From the start, WCRR has been aiming to provide an opportunity to overview railway technical development and to suggest its future direction from the management perspective of the world's railway operators. WCRR is the only cross-thematic congress in the world dedicated to the subject of innovation in the railway sector, addressing everyone from railway companies to industry and research institutions.

Past and upcoming WCRR congresses:

WCRR 2019, which will be held in Tokyo from October 28 to November 1, 2019, will be a major gathering for engineers and researchers as well as executives and managers to exchange ideas, and will also be a great opportunity to present the technology of your organization to railway experts from around the world.

WCRR 2019 Congress Organizers

The WCRR 2019 Organizing Committee – ORG

  • Ikuo Watanabe (Chair), RTRI
  • François Davenne, UIC
  • Lisa Stabler, TTCI
  • Luisa Moisio, RSSB
  • Carole Desnost, SNCF
  • Rolf Härdi, DB AG
  • Marco Caposciutti, Trenitalia

The WCRR 2019 Executive Committee – EXE

  • Ryuji Tsuchiya (Chair), RTRI
  • Dennis Schut, UIC
  • Gary Fry, TTCI
  • Sharon Odetunde, RSSB
  • Valéry Versailles, SNCF
  • Ralf Marxen, DB AG
  • Alessio Gaggelli, Trenitalia

The WCRR 2019 Headquarters

  • Tetsuo Uzuka (General Manager), RTRI
  • Naoki Aihara, RTRI
  • Michiko Nozue, RTRI
  • Erimitsu Erie Suzuki, RTRI
  • Yasuhiro Umehara, RTRI
  • Tatsuya Nihei, RTRI
  • Akio Hada, RTRI
  • Mariko Nomura, RTRI
  • Keiichi Goto, RTRI
  • Yasko Iwasa, JRSS

Founding Members

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